Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something New Everyday & a Vanilla Caramel Coke

This past weekend I got lazy. And let me tell you was awesome. I know that I am always on the run. Hanging out with different people, working, babysitting, meetings, airport runs, going to concerts...etc etc etc... So this past Saturday, I did nothing. I sat in my pj's all day and all night. I watched 5 movies and 4 episodes of Alias. (which was me finally finishing the Alias series and I throughly enjoyed it). Mixed in there was some quality roommate time, I did the dishes and vacuumed a bit, so I wasn't totally lazy, but you catch my drift. It was so refreshing.

Here is the realization I had during this down time... we are faced with something new to choose from everyday. So you know that....ok good. Im the only one who is behind the times in figuring this out. Thats cool. I guess I have always known this phenomenon of the ever changing and updating world around me, but lately I have been in this mode of things that have been a source of head knowledge finally seeping into my heart and becoming astounding truths.

Within one day...I watched a VHS tape (yeah, they do still exist) that was promoting the new era of the DVD that will make every movie clear with vibrant colors. Then on to a DVD that let me know of the dawn of the Digital/HD world that will make everything so much clearer with vibrant colors and better sound. Then let us round this out with the introduction of the BluRay, which as I am sure you have figured out, is the clearest and the greatest sounding movie you will ever see.

At what point will we have too much stimulation? I am not sure our bodies were created to handle it all. Recently I found myself feeling convicted of too much stuff...too much my life. It distracts me from the things that I want to accomplish. So I need to clean it all out. I started with all the notes and papers in my Bible. Then on to the clothes in my closet. The activities I will participate in. The tv shows I will watch. But don't worry...this blog is staying.

So how does all this chatter tie into a Vanilla Caramel Coke from Sonic? At first it was too much. Talk about over stimulation of the senses. Its sweet, so you may need to do some heavy Listerine rinses after it to protect yourself from tooth decay disaster. But then after a bit I figured out, that it just is what it is and I appreciated that. It tastes like those three flavors all at the same time. Not one overcompensated the other. There is nothing surprising about the drink. At the same time, I do not have a need to ever drink it again.

Next on my list for all of you, a challenge from an anonymus reader to try the simple Vanilla Coke. I look forward to this one and will let  you know how it compares.

Until then everyone, happy Sonic Drinking.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Influence of Friends with All Things Lime.

I've mentioned before how much I love my friends. Whether or not you are my BFF or maybe I've known you for just a few days...I can't tell you how important you are to me and how much you impact my life in crazy ways.

All that being said, I have been on a lime kick at Sonic. Every drink I have had lately has had lime in it. Makes me think of my friend Ellie. Everything in her life is lime. Limes in her water or in her diet coke. Lime flavored sparkling water. Limes as decorations on her table. Lime colored shirts, handbags, and cellphone covers. Its all Lime...all the time.

So naturally when I went on my latest spree of Sonic drink orders, I thought of Ellie with each one I tried. Here is what I have been testing out: Vanilla Lime Coke, Cherry Lime Coke and Vanilla Lime Dr Pepper.

I love them all. For the two Coke drinks, I've had to ask for extra lime. The vanilla and cherry flavors cover up the lime tartness. Kind of like I just got a cherry know. Both of those drinks were basic. Good, refreshing, but not a wow factor for me. They are something I could get on a daily basis and not put much thought into them.

I will say though, that I was pleasantly surprised by the Vanilla Lime Dr. Pepper. I am not a Dr Pepper fan, but this was good. It reminded me of the sweet shop back home with all the different flavored soda drinks. I will most likely go get another right now. I'm starting to crave it just sitting here talking about it.

So now I am a Pepper I guess. Are you a Pepper? Go out and try it.
Until then, Love and Limes everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CS Lewis and a cup of Cranberry Vanilla Coke

I have decided that the true mark of a Christian is their ability to pull out a CS Lewis quote at any given moment to add spiritual wisdom to any situation. I must say...I am guilty of this trait. Although the only CS Lewis books I have read have been the Chronicles of Narnia. Oh and let's not forget about his twitter account. He may be the most retweeted dead guy out there in the twittersphere, but those quotes are still so applicable to our lives today.

So what does CS Lewis have to do with my Sonic Cranberry Vanilla Coke? Very simple "It's always winter with no Christmas".

Living in Nashville, I am graced with very short winters. Every few years we will get a viable snow, the city will shut down from lack of knowledge on how to handle the stuff, it melts the next day and then the spring comes. This year has been a little different. We have had snow day after snow day after snow day. And it has been coooollldddd. Talk about a never ending winter without a Christmas.

Last week I went to Sonic and got a flavor of drink that sounds crazy. (but that is what I do...) Cranberry Vanilla Coke. Not gonna lie, it tastes like Christmas. I don't know if your mom would do this, but mine would put a small pot of apple cider or apple juice in a pan with spices and cinnamon sticks on the back of the stove and turn it on low. It would cook and make the whole house smell warm and cozy and Christmasy. The cranberry vanilla coke tastes like that smell. I'm not sure if the taste is good or if I just kept drinking it because of the memories that came with it.

If you want a little bit of Christmas in this seemingly never ending winter...go ahead and get the Cranberry Vanilla Coke. Other than that, it's not one I would drink on a regular basis.

2 Straws.
Happy Sonic Drinking,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good to the Last Drop

Last week I filled you in on the lack of coffee in the house I was babysitting in. When it comes to earthly necessities in my life, coffee takes the top spot. The fear that ripped through me at the realization of being snowed into a house with no coffee for who knows how long paralyzed me! And to make matters worse, there is a Starbucks just a couple miles away and no way to get there in the ice and snow, with three kids who just don't understand the importance of it all. It was just sitting there taunting me. So close, yet so far away.

So on Monday morning....God heard my plea. The heavens opened up, light streamed down from above and celestial beings sang a chorus of joy. I found coffee in the cupboard! It was off brand instant coffee that had been there for who knows how long, but it was coffee.

The moment I opened it, I thought of my dad. Growing up, every morning my dad would go downstairs, gets out his Folgers Instant Coffee. He puts a few heaping spoonfuls in his cup. Adds water and pops it into the microwave. Then he adds an ice cube. (why he doesn't heat for less time is beyond me, don't mess with a system that isn't broke I guess...) So there I was, like father like daughter. Heating up my instant coffee.

YUCK! I do not know how my dad does it, but it was nasty. Sort of grimy, you know? But I kept drinking it because I knew it was needed for my day. Before long I found creamers in the fridge, flavored ones, and added and added and added until I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Not bad. Actually, not bad at all. It worked. The instant coffee got me through my day and kept me from the edge of insanity. (which was really for the good of mankind, or at least for the good of the three kids I was watching.)

Later in the day I read Colossians 3:14-17.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing songs, hymns & spiritual songs, with thankfulness in our hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Now even the coolest of Christians can get a little cheesy sometimes. And now here I go...

I couldn't help but think about that cup of nasty instant coffee. It wasn't until I put the creamer, the sweet rich stuff, into it that the coffee became something that I wanted. Before it was bitter and almost unbearable to think about. Isn't that the way I am?

I have my bad days. When I can get nasty and bitter towards people. I've seen glimpses of myself where I am not walking in light and I am definitely NOT acting according to God's will.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

When I put on love, I am tolerable. When I let the peace of Christ rule in my heart, I am lovable. When I read and know and truly let the word of Christ dwell in my heart, I walk with wisdom and sincerity. Without these things...I am a gross cup of instant coffee. I need to keep adding and adding and adding the word to my daily life to create in me something that is truly good to the last drop.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A State of Emergency

This week I am babysitting three wonderful kids while their parents are serving in Haiti. There's nothing like getting a hands on full week of the life of a mom. It's all starting off with a snow day tomorow for the kids & a sudden panic attack by myself tonight when I realized that this is a coffee free home. And now due to the "extreme weather conditions" I won't be able to make it the two miles down the road to the nearest Starbucks. I guess this is what parenthood is all about....Pray for me.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friendly Reminders

Last night I was reminded of how awesome my best friends truly are. I've always had great friends in my life, but this group of BEST friends can't be compared to any others. We are the most motley crew you will ever come across. I realized this morning just how special we are. We all spent the night at one house and played games until late in the evening.

This morning Ella (she is 5) came out of her room and climbed up on the couch with me. She asked who all spent the night. Me, Colleen, Rhen, and Steve. Her response "All my best friends spent the night? It's my first slumber party!" A very social 5 year old considers us her best friends. There are a few in our group that were missing, and Ella could tell you exactly who else she would want there. And NONE of us are anywhere near her age. We span a wide gap of people in completely different stages in our lives. Yet Ella holds each of us just as close as the next.

I started to think about just what it is about this group that makes them so important to me. Here is a not so complete and ever growing list:

* They would do anything for me, no questions asked, at the drop of dime.
* I can dance around them without being embarassed.
* I can talk in funny voices and they don't think I am weird...they just respond in thier own funny voice.
* I can mess up royaly and they will guide me through the trial.
* They share my joys and my sorrows.
* They put off their plans when I am in need.
* Simply put, I can be my absolute self around them with no worry of what they will think of me.

I love my friends. They are keepers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

You know what they say... "The roads are paved with good intentions"

I don't know if there is any more to that little nugget of wisdom, but its true. In the past I have had good intentions of doing a myriad of things. You can pave the road with those good intentions, but you have to travel the road to bring those intentions to fruition. And as you can tell from this dormant blog....I traveled just a few feet and then stalled out.

So here I am again. I wouldn't say that I am a failed blogger, just a distracted one. My apologies for letting cubicle jobs, lack of personal internet, and all other sorts of crazy life happenings get in the way of keeping up. Please note: this renewal of blog time is not a New Year's Resolution. I have always thought that resolutions are to be made when you decide to make a life change and you are committed to it. They are not things that you say you are going to do and never accomplish.

No, not a resolution. I have been challenged to start this again by a dear friend. And I challenged her back. This is a commitment to grow together in this next year. To share our experiences no matter how trivial or grand. So maybe this time that I spend here at will not end up being so much about Sonic Drinks. (please know that I still love them and will write about them from time to time.) But this blog is more about the first thing in my title... My Life.

This is the life I live here on Earth to prepare for eternity. Loving my God, my family, my friends and my job. (oh yes, and Sonic Drinks) Maybe you will relate to it. And maybe you will make fun of me. Either way...its what I do and I love every minute of it.

So here we go. I hope you stick with me and grow with me.
Hugs and Love,