Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friendly Reminders

Last night I was reminded of how awesome my best friends truly are. I've always had great friends in my life, but this group of BEST friends can't be compared to any others. We are the most motley crew you will ever come across. I realized this morning just how special we are. We all spent the night at one house and played games until late in the evening.

This morning Ella (she is 5) came out of her room and climbed up on the couch with me. She asked who all spent the night. Me, Colleen, Rhen, and Steve. Her response "All my best friends spent the night? It's my first slumber party!" A very social 5 year old considers us her best friends. There are a few in our group that were missing, and Ella could tell you exactly who else she would want there. And NONE of us are anywhere near her age. We span a wide gap of people in completely different stages in our lives. Yet Ella holds each of us just as close as the next.

I started to think about just what it is about this group that makes them so important to me. Here is a not so complete and ever growing list:

* They would do anything for me, no questions asked, at the drop of dime.
* I can dance around them without being embarassed.
* I can talk in funny voices and they don't think I am weird...they just respond in thier own funny voice.
* I can mess up royaly and they will guide me through the trial.
* They share my joys and my sorrows.
* They put off their plans when I am in need.
* Simply put, I can be my absolute self around them with no worry of what they will think of me.

I love my friends. They are keepers.