Thursday, February 3, 2011

CS Lewis and a cup of Cranberry Vanilla Coke

I have decided that the true mark of a Christian is their ability to pull out a CS Lewis quote at any given moment to add spiritual wisdom to any situation. I must say...I am guilty of this trait. Although the only CS Lewis books I have read have been the Chronicles of Narnia. Oh and let's not forget about his twitter account. He may be the most retweeted dead guy out there in the twittersphere, but those quotes are still so applicable to our lives today.

So what does CS Lewis have to do with my Sonic Cranberry Vanilla Coke? Very simple "It's always winter with no Christmas".

Living in Nashville, I am graced with very short winters. Every few years we will get a viable snow, the city will shut down from lack of knowledge on how to handle the stuff, it melts the next day and then the spring comes. This year has been a little different. We have had snow day after snow day after snow day. And it has been coooollldddd. Talk about a never ending winter without a Christmas.

Last week I went to Sonic and got a flavor of drink that sounds crazy. (but that is what I do...) Cranberry Vanilla Coke. Not gonna lie, it tastes like Christmas. I don't know if your mom would do this, but mine would put a small pot of apple cider or apple juice in a pan with spices and cinnamon sticks on the back of the stove and turn it on low. It would cook and make the whole house smell warm and cozy and Christmasy. The cranberry vanilla coke tastes like that smell. I'm not sure if the taste is good or if I just kept drinking it because of the memories that came with it.

If you want a little bit of Christmas in this seemingly never ending winter...go ahead and get the Cranberry Vanilla Coke. Other than that, it's not one I would drink on a regular basis.

2 Straws.
Happy Sonic Drinking,


Anonymous said...

So you're the one that is keeping the cold weather around

Anonymous said...

That would be me.

Maria said...

you fixed it! :) Now I want a cranberry vanilla coke. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness this is so true! A cranberry vanilla coke has been my drink of choice at Sonic for years. One day I couldn't decide if I wanted cranberry or vanilla in my coke so I got both and I always order it now. I always tell my family that it tastes like Christmas and they think I'm crazy! I need to show them this post.