Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something New Everyday & a Vanilla Caramel Coke

This past weekend I got lazy. And let me tell you was awesome. I know that I am always on the run. Hanging out with different people, working, babysitting, meetings, airport runs, going to concerts...etc etc etc... So this past Saturday, I did nothing. I sat in my pj's all day and all night. I watched 5 movies and 4 episodes of Alias. (which was me finally finishing the Alias series and I throughly enjoyed it). Mixed in there was some quality roommate time, I did the dishes and vacuumed a bit, so I wasn't totally lazy, but you catch my drift. It was so refreshing.

Here is the realization I had during this down time... we are faced with something new to choose from everyday. So you know that....ok good. Im the only one who is behind the times in figuring this out. Thats cool. I guess I have always known this phenomenon of the ever changing and updating world around me, but lately I have been in this mode of things that have been a source of head knowledge finally seeping into my heart and becoming astounding truths.

Within one day...I watched a VHS tape (yeah, they do still exist) that was promoting the new era of the DVD that will make every movie clear with vibrant colors. Then on to a DVD that let me know of the dawn of the Digital/HD world that will make everything so much clearer with vibrant colors and better sound. Then let us round this out with the introduction of the BluRay, which as I am sure you have figured out, is the clearest and the greatest sounding movie you will ever see.

At what point will we have too much stimulation? I am not sure our bodies were created to handle it all. Recently I found myself feeling convicted of too much stuff...too much my life. It distracts me from the things that I want to accomplish. So I need to clean it all out. I started with all the notes and papers in my Bible. Then on to the clothes in my closet. The activities I will participate in. The tv shows I will watch. But don't worry...this blog is staying.

So how does all this chatter tie into a Vanilla Caramel Coke from Sonic? At first it was too much. Talk about over stimulation of the senses. Its sweet, so you may need to do some heavy Listerine rinses after it to protect yourself from tooth decay disaster. But then after a bit I figured out, that it just is what it is and I appreciated that. It tastes like those three flavors all at the same time. Not one overcompensated the other. There is nothing surprising about the drink. At the same time, I do not have a need to ever drink it again.

Next on my list for all of you, a challenge from an anonymus reader to try the simple Vanilla Coke. I look forward to this one and will let  you know how it compares.

Until then everyone, happy Sonic Drinking.


dianna d. said...

by george! i think you've got it! I LOVE the tv to bluray analogy!! i just know i will borrow that sometime!

Maria said...

i had a cherry lime coke the other day - just wasn't feeling the limeade so i said, why not make it limecoke? It was good - made me think of you. I always think of you when i'm concocting a crazy sonic drink to try... can't say doug appreciates the amount of time i ponder over various combinations - his philosophy is Dr. Pepper has already combined the perfect 23 flavors, no need to add any more. ;) Glad you had a day of rest! :D

brandon said...

vanilla caramel coke sounds awful. just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Try a cherry orange sprite. It's good to me

b1-66er said...


just stumbled across your 'blog ... i have to say, that while i'm impressed with the idea, your enthusiasm is lacking ... i mean, come on, at, i've been to SONICs 25 times as much as you have ... and i don't even claim to be trying to go once a day.

you're not habitual enough, sister. come on, slap that arm, raise the vein!

Anonymous said...

Where did you go?

Sonic_Carhop said...

You should try Raspberry + Lemonade Shot + Sprite... It's amazing. Tastes like pink lemonade (: