Friday, February 18, 2011

The Influence of Friends with All Things Lime.

I've mentioned before how much I love my friends. Whether or not you are my BFF or maybe I've known you for just a few days...I can't tell you how important you are to me and how much you impact my life in crazy ways.

All that being said, I have been on a lime kick at Sonic. Every drink I have had lately has had lime in it. Makes me think of my friend Ellie. Everything in her life is lime. Limes in her water or in her diet coke. Lime flavored sparkling water. Limes as decorations on her table. Lime colored shirts, handbags, and cellphone covers. Its all Lime...all the time.

So naturally when I went on my latest spree of Sonic drink orders, I thought of Ellie with each one I tried. Here is what I have been testing out: Vanilla Lime Coke, Cherry Lime Coke and Vanilla Lime Dr Pepper.

I love them all. For the two Coke drinks, I've had to ask for extra lime. The vanilla and cherry flavors cover up the lime tartness. Kind of like I just got a cherry know. Both of those drinks were basic. Good, refreshing, but not a wow factor for me. They are something I could get on a daily basis and not put much thought into them.

I will say though, that I was pleasantly surprised by the Vanilla Lime Dr. Pepper. I am not a Dr Pepper fan, but this was good. It reminded me of the sweet shop back home with all the different flavored soda drinks. I will most likely go get another right now. I'm starting to crave it just sitting here talking about it.

So now I am a Pepper I guess. Are you a Pepper? Go out and try it.
Until then, Love and Limes everyone!


Mel said...

I love Sonic too! Question- have you tried any combinations with the Sonic teas yet?

Raechel said...

Hello Kaley,
I just stumbled on your blog when I tried to google different sonic drink mixes. Me and my husband were watching tv together when a sonic commercial came on advertising all of their different drink combination's and my husband mentioned he would like to see a list of drinks for some new ideas and here I stumbled on you! Some of your drinks sound really good and I think I need to step out of the box and order a few. Me and my husband usually order the Green apple cherry limeade, and a Green apple Cranberry limeade and I would love to see your reviews of those might like the later of the two better since the traditional cranberry limeade is your favorite! Well I am looking foward to reading more of your posts!
Raechel, CA

Manda said...

I was looking for a complete list of drinks that Sonic has to offer when I stumbled onto your blog, and thought to myself "I just started doing this and here she is doing it first!"

My name is Manda and I'm actually over at Tumblr ( and now that I know that there are actually over 600,000 drinks and I only have 14 under my belt, I'd better get crackin'!

Anonymous said...

You should try a Strawberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Grape slush all mixed drink ever!(: